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About us

About us

We like a Scandinavian approach to design and layout, with its clean minimalism and “less is more” approach. The reality is though, that whatever makes a communication strategy and design work, that’s the approach to pursue.

Having an open mind and digging deep into our clients brand, story, history and services, is really what makes us stay updated constantly and allow us to aim right on target.

Diverse in skills, culture, knowledge and experience, but right on target

We chase big ideas

And apply where it works for you.

One of the most important aspects of any organization is the people who make it MS Nordic what it is.

MS Nordic team

Jacob Munch

Founder & Creative Director

Jacob, our founder, has a degree in Branding and Visual Communication from Denmark. On a daily basis he works with managing many of our projects and takes care of the creative and art direction in general.

F. Asani

Development Director

Has experience in developing and is the head of development and resourcing projects.

Ariadna Nova

Graphic Designer & Art Director

Ariadna is a Fine Art and Design Graduate and Intern Graphic Designer at MS Nordic. She has a fresh eye and intuition regarding her generation's view on communication and media in general.

Jasman Mann

Marketing & Branding Consultant

Performance-focused digital marketing professional with notable success delivering digital marketing strategies to promote products in highly competitive business markets. Versatile leader with experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver expert SEO, PPC, website and email solutions to enterprise and small business clients

Maria G. Diez

Marketing Manager

Maria has +15 years of international experience. Successful at developing and implementing 360º growth marketing plans (digital and off), including PR campaigns, media plans, events, CRM, SEO, SEM, social media, analytics & ROI analysis, etc.

Erik Sørensen

Co-Founder & CEO

Erik is partner and CEO at MS Nordic and takes care of administrative tasks at our Danish jurisdiction.