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Today in a fast moving world, with people zapping quickly from one thing to another, there are countless ways to improve your communication and customer engagement.

At MS Nordic we feel pretty confident, that we can help create the perfect communication solution for you, and at the same time make it look fantastic!

Creating value for you and your clients

Thats basically what we do.
But efficient communication starts with deep insight.


Understanding what drives audiences. Now and in the future. Anything else is noise. We must go the extra mile to uncover the insights revealing the true desires of audiences.​


“Where imagination dances, inspiration takes its graceful bow”. This is the base that ignites ideas, that make a brand or company stand out.

the script

Strategy and plans for text, visuals, action. A filmscript of how brands engage, and together with audiences, grow into the future. Communication must move people.

The nitty gritty

One service rarely comes alone and the best strategy mostly points towards combining different initiatives and media.
However our “SEO dude” told us the following was good to have: (Then it’s crystal clear, even for search engines what we do)


You, Your people, your opinions, culture, past and future. Let’s join forces and make your brand florish and grow.

Identity design

Enough to just look good? Is your company identity designed to fit rapidly evolving business environments and does it actually express your brand values?

Digital media

Probably here to stay, so goodbye to opaque technologies. Hello, user-friendly and scaleable digital solutions. Design matters there as well.


Technology alone won’t cut it for you, unless hand in hand with great design, creative copy, and strong UI/UX design.

Social media

Targeted strategies for growing love and loyalty among your audiences.

Print design

Pleasing to the eye, smooth to the touch. Link print intelligently to your digital communication.

Tradefair design

Easily managed shops and well-presented products for great e-commerce on desktop, i-pad and mobile.


Targeted strategies for growing love and loyalty among your audiences.

Branding & design consulting

Nothing is as rewarding as giving good advise. We rely on many years of experience where we have worked for different industries and on different media platforms.

Next project will be yours

Relevant for you? Get in touch!

Good design is basically just design that works

MS Nordic handles most services inhouse, but also count on a large network of partners and collaborators to help solve our projects from A – Z.

From a creative brief to the execution of a complete identity program, online portal or online marketing campaign, we always assure our clients to stand out from the crowd and appear convincingly professional across all media.