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Branding & design solutions

Make communication work and look great!

It helps navigate through the wilderness of communication tools and media platforms out there, when you deal with it on a daily basis.The clients and the projects MS Nordic is involved with have one thing in common. Make communication work and make it look great at the same time. Good design is sacred in the Nordic countries, and we work hard spreading that approach to the rest of the world.

Not that we think it's rocket science, but making everything come nicely together requires focus and careful planning:

We listen

A client has something at heart and in mind. We listen carefully and understand the needs and the big dreams.

We research

We take the job and begin digging into the details of the briefing. No good result without proper field work.

We plan

We bid in with ideas and knowledge about what we do every day and adhere it to a step-by-step plan.

We produce

We go in creative mode, Design, illustration, layout, photos, animations, coding… What ever makes it happen and look great!

We apply

The right media can be a good old flyer or a full panel of SoMe channels. Or both… What ever works, we use it!

We improve

Static is never good in a fast-moving business. Technology evolves. AI is here. We help adjust and change through improvements and efficiency.

Can we make your communication better?

A creative focus on relevance

Attention is in short supply. Audiences pick and choose, flip and switch, keep their coats on. For their loyalty, they expect inspiration, inclusion, assistance. And as they leave, they take with them only what is instantly relevant to them.

We are professionals well versed in both local habits and global trends, and in all modesty, we think we’re really good at what we do. Being all over the place, but right on target.

What / Who / How?

We are a center of experts in branding, communication and design, delivering lasting solutions based on strategy and strong ties with our clients.

We make things work both online / digital and on print.


Our clients