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Amicorp Pitch Deck

Promotional material

For Amicorp, a leader in global financial and advisory services, presenting their value proposition to high-end business investors required more than just compelling data; it demanded a presentation that spoke the language of sophistication and professionalism. MS Nordic was entrusted with the task of designing and laying out a pitch deck that not only conveyed Amicorp’s message but did so with an elegance befitting their prestigious audience.

Our Approach:

Understanding the stakes involved in attracting and persuading discerning investors, our team embarked on a journey to create a pitch deck that combined clarity, engagement, and a high degree of professionalism.

  1. Design Strategy: Our initial phase involved developing a design strategy that aligned with Amicorp’s brand identity while elevating its appeal to the investor audience. We focused on creating a layout that was clean, authoritative, and conducive to storytelling, enabling Amicorp to articulate its value and vision compellingly.
  2. Professional Layout: Recognizing the critical role of visual hierarchy and readability in investor communications, we crafted each slide with meticulous attention to detail. Our layouts employed a judicious use of space, color, and typography to highlight key information and guide the investor’s journey through the narrative.
  3. Visual Elements: To further enrich the presentation, we integrated custom-designed visual elements that underscored Amicorp’s data and insights. Infographics, charts, and icons were tailored to present complex information in an accessible and aesthetically pleasing manner.

Client profile

Amicorp Group provides a broad range of management services, fund services, and capital market offerings to clients globally.

What we did

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