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Calsep website & member site

Design & Development

We delivered a comprehensive redesign and development of CALSEP’s website, showcasing our adeptness in marrying design with technology to create compelling digital solutions. This project included content strategy, bespoke illustration, and front-end development, culminating in a WordPress-based platform tailored for ease of management and scalability.

Our Process:

  1. Content Strategy & Wireframing: Initiated with a solid content framework and meticulous wireframing to guide the user journey, ensuring information was accessible and engaging.
  2. Design & Illustration: Transitioned into the creative phase, where custom illustrations and artwork were crafted, not just for aesthetics but to narrate the CALSEP story uniquely and memorably.
  3. Development & WordPress Integration: Executed with precision, our front-end development phase brought the designs to life, optimized for responsiveness and user interaction. Integration into WordPress provided CALSEP with a robust, user-friendly CMS for ongoing site management.

The revamped CALSEP website emerged as a dynamic digital presence, significantly enhancing user engagement and reinforcing their industry stature. Our end-to-end solution demonstrates [Your Studio Name]’s commitment to excellence in digital innovation and client satisfaction.

Client profile

Calsep is a leading provider of PVT simulation software and consulting services to the oil & gas industry.

What we did

Web Design, Illustration and artwork & Development

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