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Vejrø Resort

Web Design

MS Nordic had the unique opportunity to craft the digital presence for Vejrø Resort, a pioneering luxury resort known for its commitment to 100% sustainability and ecological practices. Located on a serene island in Denmark. Our mission was to encapsulate this essence into a digital format that reflects the resort’s values and luxury offerings.

Our team was involved in every step of the branding process:

  • Conceptualization and Strategy: We began with brainstorming sessions to understand FamilieAlliancen’s goals and target audience. This phase was crucial in shaping a branding strategy that not only looks appealing but also effectively communicates the NGO’s mission.
  • Visual Identity Creation: We designed a logo and visual elements that are warm, inviting, and representative of familial bonds and support.
  • Brand Guidelines: To maintain visual and communicative consistency, we developed detailed brand guidelines. These guidelines are the cornerstone for all of FamilieAlliancen’s branding efforts.
  • Execution Across Media: Our role extended to implementing the brand identity across multiple platforms. This included creating print materials like stationery, as well as digital formats such as website design and social media assets.

Client profile

Vejrø is a unique and innovative project. A living laboratory with sustainability and the good life as a focal point. At Vejrø there is room to find immersion and prioritize presence with the people you surround yourself with.

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