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Almen & Akut Medicinsk Klinik

Web & Brand Desing

The client had very clear ideas about their logo, colors and what they wanted to express visually. However just described in words and pictures. The designers finest role is grasping that information, give good advise on “do and don’t do” and then come up with logo mockups helping the client reach the final outcome. Needless to say that final outcome was based on us retouching ideas after a good de-brief, just as any corporate identity process should be.

Our team was involved in every step of the branding process:

  • Visual Identity Creation: We designed a logo and visual elements that reflects the business/industry and the client’s preferences.
  • Execution Across Media: Our role extended to implementing the brand identity across multiple platforms. This included creating promotional materials like t-shirts, banners and hats.
  • Website design and content strategy: We achieved a design reflecting trust, knowledge, a modern and scientific approach to the medtech and healthcare industry.

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Client profile

The General and Emergency Medical Clinic is one of Denmark’s first with specialties in both general medical and emergency medical practice. We put you and your family at the center and create solutions tailored to your needs.

What we did

Corporate Identity, Logo Design, Content Strategy, Website

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