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Del Canto Chambers

Identity & Web Revamp

Our collaboration with Del Canto Chambers goes a decade and a half back. The identity and visuals of the brand, was already great back in the days so we only created a small retouch to the logo icon, making it a bit more simple and easier to use on digital media. Also a slogan connected to the logo was decided to make it clear that Del Canto Chambers is a UK firm, but with strong spanish roots and know how about Spanish law for Brits.

Our team was involved in redesigning logo, based on a careful strategy, website design, front-end development, and SEO.

Having worked many years on the brand and its online communication, traffic is seen growing and Google’s recognition of the web is all green lights now!

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Client profile

Del Canto Chambers is a leading London Barristers Chambers specialising in Law, Tax & Legal Advice. Our dual-qualified, multilingual lawyers specialise in international law and tax and have worked on over 500 cases globally.

What we did

Logo redesign, branding guidelines, print & digital applications, templates, ads and ongoing webmastering.

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